Our listen-first philosophy provides companies of every size and industry with effective solutions that align with their culture and objectives.

M&A Strategy and Acquisition

When it comes to corporate finance, capital rounds, exit strategy, term sheets, partial buyouts and the many other elements of the “where do I go from here” thought process, we like to think of ourselves as approachable and accessible while being highly capable and more budget friendly than our competitors.

At Lassen, when we are not the acquiring entity, we work with select companies to come in and help owners and founders align what they are looking to do with the options they have to get it done. Initial meetings and consultations are free of charge.

Recapitalizations & Buyouts

In our world, recapitalizations and leveraged buyouts are an attractive alternative to a full sale. This allows you to sell minority or majority interest in equity while maintaining a comfortable level of control.

This is a great option when you want to retain that control and some of the equity, but you need new capitalization to expand product or service lines, invest in new human capital or upgrade operations and systems.

Strategic Advisory Services

Unless you have direct and extensive experience in M&A and the investment banking side of merchant banking and corporate finance, it is always a good idea to invest in advisory services to help manage the decision making process around what the desires are versus what your options are in the market.

Does it make sense to go for a full exit or a partial buyout? How is my business currently positioned for sophisticated investors or even friends and family that might want to participate? Should I approach friends and family on my own or should I have someone representing me? There are many other questions to answer, and we can help you find the right footing.

Integrated Partners Program

The LIPP program was designed specifically for already successful entrepreneurs who need to add some high impact firepower to their conversion funnel in order to ramp up the numbers and enable a better valuation when thinking about a future exit.

Strategic Business Support

The founders of Lassen Ventures are a group of subject matter experts in their own respective domains, covering the services listed here along with digital technologies and platforms, operational architecture, financial output optimization and various other domains.

For services that we do not directly engage in, we have a very small and tight partner network leveraging best of breed experts who can help with things like tax management, HR compliance, payroll management and various other domains.

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