LIPP helps our companies accelerate growth by applying best practices in sales, marketing, and customer success.

Lassen Integrated Partner Program

The LIPP program was designed specifically for already successful entrepreneurs who need to add some high impact firepower to their conversion funnel in order to ramp up the numbers and enable a better valuation when thinking about a future exit.

The program is designed for companies that have either all or a significant portion of their sales happening online, and we typically work with companies through LIPP that have already achieved significant sales momentum and growth


The LIPP Approach

We have unrivaled success in working with companies to dramatically improve the sales and conversion picture. In this program, Lassen Partners takes control of your technology platform and digital infrastructure, and offers operational efficiency and financial advisory services to:

Restructure and optimize the entire foundational digital framework

Manage ad creative, spend, cost per acquisition and develop clear conversion attribution data

Get financials and operations cleaned up and optimized for cost savings efficiency and marketability

Trusted Experience

We are not lightweights here, and our founding partners have combined experience measured in decades. We have all founded multiple companies, many of which have undergone their own successful exits.

Our personal financial security allows us to operate selectively, without aggressive sales reps, and we always offer significant consulting time at our cost on the front end, to get to know you and your situation before we fully engage.

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