Lassen Ventures is part M&A advisory service, part accelerator and part incubator. We work with owners to drive real, sustainable growth.


We are a team of Founders, Doers and Strategic Visionaries who want to help you build a better business

Sounds great, how does that actually work?

You founded your business for good reason and purpose: to provide for your family, to fill a void in the marketplace, to service the people of your community—perhaps for all of those reasons and others.

Searching for capital to invest in your business, the means to expertly value the business or to create an intelligent, valuation optimized exit strategy should not interfere with overseeing the operations of your business.

At Lassen Ventures, we strive to offer accessibility and to be approachable advisors. We like to help founders maintain the culture that they have worked tirelessly to preserve while also helping to improve the business so that it will appeal to sophisticated investors or buyers.

Our Values

Sure, everyone has a values statement, although a lot of companies use their marketing departments to put it together so they can sell more of whatever it is they sell. In our case, our values are core to the enterprise. We really love this stuff, and we are in business to provide exceptional outcomes with white glove service.


Integrity is a word that is tossed around casually and has lost much of it’s punch. We take it seriously, and we are careful to make sure that our dealings are fair and beyond reproach.

Everyone on our team is held to account on the way they conduct business on behalf of Lassen Ventures. As one of the founders, this is a big driver in who I choose to do business with, and if you are of the same mind, then you are exactly the type of client we like to work with.

Partner Performance Improvement

Through our advisory services and the Lassen Integrated Partner Program, we are all about performance elevation in the service of improving the valuation picture for our clients.

We come at this through evaluation and analysis, and by offering expert strategic advisory and tactical service implementations across the enterprise when we engage. Check out our portfolio for specifics and KPIs on some of our projects.


When considering a serious move after having spent money, time and effort building and nurturing your business to get it to its current point, hiring the right team to help execute to get it to the next level or get it sold for optimum value is critical.

We are not in the set it and forget it business, and the nature of our work and the way we operate is truly collaborative. Our team is personable, approachable and responsive. We care about getting you to your intended destination, and that will be readily apparent after our first conversation.

Trusted Experience

We are not lightweights here, and our founding partners have combined experience measured in decades. We have all founded multiple companies, many of which have undergone their own successful exits.

Our personal financial security allows us to operate selectively, without aggressive sales reps, and we always offer significant consulting time at our cost on the front end, to get to know you and your situation before we fully engage.

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