We advise and empower business owners to optimize growth for expansion and exits

We take a different approach to growth and exit planning, where we are approachable, friendly and speak in plain english.

With us,
it’s personal

At Lassen Ventures, we work with owners and founders to help them navigate the choppy waters of corporate finance, using subject matter expertise built through decades of collective experience in various domains and verticals.

Use us as a sounding board. Our initial discovery discussions are free of charge, so why not?

Unless you have direct and extensive experience in M&A and the investment banking side of merchant banking and corporate finance, it is always a good idea to invest in advisory services to help manage the decision making process around what the desires are versus what your options are in the market.

The LIPP program was designed specifically for already successful entrepreneurs who need to add some high impact firepower to their conversion funnel in order to ramp up the numbers and enable a better valuation when thinking about a future exit.

The founders of Lassen Ventures are a group of subject matter experts in their own respective domains, covering the services listed here along with digital technologies and platforms, operational architecture, financial output optimization and various other domains.

When it comes to corporate finance, capital rounds, exit strategy, term sheets, partial buyouts and the many other elements of the “where do I go from here” thought process, we like to think of ourselves as approachable and accessible while being highly capable and more budget friendly than our competitors.

In our world, recapitalizations and leveraged buyouts are an attractive alternative to a full sale. This allows you to sell minority or majority interest in equity while maintaining a comfortable level of control.

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Relationships Really Do Come First Here

At Lassen Ventures, our whole team understands the value of relationships over the more prevalent model of “servicing the client” from afar. We understand that as of 2020 we are living in a new time, perhaps temporarily, perhaps permanently.

Regardless, we still highly value the in person dynamic that elevates relationships, synergy and work product. We will respect the directives and protocols, especially the ones our clients implement internally. If you prefer to work with us remotely, no problem, but we will never say no to arranging a face to face.

Subject Matter Experts

Our principals founded this company on the belief that there is a gaping hole when it comes to bridging the gap between potential investors and business owners in the micro market and lower middle market, where companies generate $1M-$50M in revenue.

Advisors in this realm tend to be knowledgeable in corporate finance, certainly, but they typically are not knowledgeable in terms of advising companies on how to optimize themselves operationally in order to attain a better valuation for raises and exits tomorrow as opposed to today.

Trusted Experience

We are not lightweights here, and our founding partners have combined experience measured in decades. We have all founded multiple companies, many of which have undergone their own successful exits.

Our personal financial security allows us to operate selectively, without aggressive sales reps, and we always offer significant consulting time at our cost on the front end, to get to know you and your situation before we fully engage.


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